Nielsen Animal Medical Group

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What makes us unique?

Nielsen Animal Medical emphasizes treating each patient individually, recognizing the physiological differences in every pet.  Today's trend in many veterinary practices--like big insurance companies in human medicine that dictate protocols and treatments--veterinary hospitals are being bought out by large veterinary corporations that have purchased hospitals in Canada and all 50 states, as well as here locally.  These corporations dictate protocols, treatments, and pricing with no regard for the individual case...yet all pets do have their differences.     

Nielsen Animal is owned by the same veterinarian, practicing for many years where every patient is treated individually, without protocol dictates.  The result is better treatment, usually at a more affordable price.

Please schedule an appointment in advance for any of the above services to insure that we have an opening for your pet.

Our clinic offers routine care including vaccinations, internal and external parasite control, and routine dental care.  We also offer comprehensive surgery, dentistry, microchipping, boarding, and grooming.  For diagnostics our hospital has endoscopy and x-ray equipment.  Lab work is submitted to a nationally accredited source; a courier picks up Monday through Friday, and results are generally received the next morning.

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